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If love is real, why doesn’t it feel the way I’ve always heard it was supposed to feel? Why can’t I feel it all the time? And why does love so often feel lacking, or painful, or both?

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My cat was lying over there,
I thought she is fine, but she was over
Although herself was gone forever,
her memories stay with me together…

All of her memories flashback to me
like playing nice like active kitty
running, biting, together with her mommy
and playing with her sister normally

One hour before her death arrival
I watched and observed, her vital
it is unfair for her to leave with full of rivals
that making her more strong and normal…

I saw my cat lying on the mat
I observed her breathing and it was bad
Oh! She is not breathing please help me GOD…

I prayed to God with all my heart
Praying that God will accept the soul of my love
I love you and Goodbye my lovely cat… Until we meet again!

12 Important U.S. Laws Every Blogger Needs to Know

While the Internet still retains some of the “wild wild west” feel, increasingly Internet activity, and particular blogging, is being shaped and governed by state and federal laws. For US bloggers in particular, blogging has become a veritable land mine of potential legal issues, and the situation isn’t helped by the fact that the law in this area is constantly in flux. In this article we highlight twelve of the most important US laws when it comes to blogging and provide some simple and straightforward tips for safely navigating them.

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